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2013 - 41st Annual -  held again at it's original [home] location in Brown County State Park, was another success not only in the words of those members, directors and Officers manning the many points of responsibility for the weekend, but also in the words of attendinging members and friends. 

"Off site" regisration was held at the Bown County Inn in Nashville. The Inn is preferred by many as their hotel of choice for several reasons a couple of which are it's convenience to downtown Nashville and all it's shopping haunts, and restaurants.  The hotel itself has a great little bar and good cookin' buffet and restaurant, too. 

The day's weather was as it is supposed to be in early September in Brown County.  Music and announcing was done by our own Jim Wilson, the "DJ of the Dean" Run...  The "Favorite 20" choices were made by the participants with the "trophy being a really "Kool" small hand saw with Brown County appropriate are work applied to the blade. [Thanks to Terry Engle for yet another very creative award.]  Several "Specialty" awards were handed out - these being created by the Directors and Officers.  And, of course, the Rod Father Award was presented, this year to Larry Carter for his years of support of the ISRA and attendance at Cider Run.

 At the end of the day Saturday, there were over 210 vehicles on the grounds - representing everything from rods, customs, street cruisers, antiques and race cars. 

Day two - Sunday - began several ways depending on the whim of the participant.  Breakfast. Brown County Cruise [hosted once again by the Modern Antiques of Anderson, IN]. Head out for Brown County Dragway up towards Beanblossom.

The Cruise was way kool this year [not that it isn't always, but...] because the haze caught in the valleys and trees made for a really "Fall in Indiana" feel!  And those in front got the message that the cruise is that, a cruise - something to be not rushed - slow down and enjoy the winding road as you wander away from "Piecefull Valley" [the oriiginal name of Nashville]. Thanks Modern Antiques!

Brown County Dragway is an old 1/8th mile strip that runs about due north up a valley in the woods of Brown County.  On this day each year for a while the events there are tagged Cider Run Flag Drags featuring good ol fashion - flag drags.  If an explaination is needed you probably would not get it anyway.... but the races are started by a "flagger"... at least they are early in the day!  And, if ya want to run your ride down (up) the track you are welcome to do so.... as long as certain rules are adhered to.

Thanks to all who participated...and to all those who pitched in to make the 2013 Cider Run a success!!!!!

Overall the weekend was all that it should be...FUN!!!!!!

SEE YA IN 2014!!